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Tar Heel Capital has invested in TMR Plastics

Tar Heel Capital has finalized the purchase of 60% of TMR Plastics shares. Thus, the company joined the THC Fund, which is one of the leading private equity funds in Central Europe investing in companies from the small and medium-sized enterprise sector.

The sale of shares was the best solution for all the company’s stakeholders, clients, employees and family – said in an interview in 2019 for Puls Biznesu, the founder of TMR Plastics, Dirk Truyens.

Most of the companies in THC’s portfolio are Polish production companies. Apart from TMR Plastics, these are: Aludesign, Rockfin, Transsystem, Tomma, Mera Systemy, Dobrowolski, ELPLC and Flavourtec.

The Fund helps companies to become market leaders and provide investors with above-average rates of return. THC sticks to a rigorous investment strategy and successfully combines it with being a partner to entrepreneurs. It was because of this that THC’s portfolio companies had on average tripled their profits.

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