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The TMR Plastics team is growing

TMR, one of the leading companies that produces plastic injection moulded parts in Poland, is focusing on optimizing its operations and expanding its team. At the beginning of September, Ewelina Głowacka joined the company as production & sales department manager, with Łukasz Kliszewski being appointed constructor.


“TMR has been operating in Poland for nearly a decade, which means both the scale of our business and our clients’ needs have grown significantly. Therefore, we carefully analyze which elements of our business can be optimized and how we can improve operational processes to make them more efficient. We are pleased that Ewelina and Łukasz will join our team to support us in these activities,“ explains Georgi Giochev, CEO, TMR Plastics.


As a constructor, Łukasz Kliszewski is responsible for the efficient implementation of new injection moulds and overseeing their maintenance. Łukasz’s know-how will also be used in the process of implementing new projects and designing, as well as building moulds for further production. Łukasz has extensive experience in the construction of injection moulds, which he primarily gained when working for a leading European manufacturer of injection moulds, where he was also responsible for analyzing and solving construction problems, supervising projects, and creating 2D and 3D technical documentation.


TMR Plastics specialises in the entire process of producing high-precision injection moulded plastic parts – from concept through customisation to final delivery. Over the years, the company has delivered its products to leading global international players from different sectors such as the automotive, electric/electronic, lighting, telecommunications, white goods, and medical industries.

“Currently, the TMR Plastics team comprises 140 people – more than 10 office workers and over 120 production staff. Interestingly, 95 people employed in our company are women. The reason is simple – our recruitment strategy is strictly based on assessing the competencies and knowledge of applicants. At TMR we are not guided by stereotypes, but focus on specialists in their field, who are open-minded people wanting to develop and offer added value to our customers. This is the basis of TMR’s success on the Polish market,” concludes Georgi Giochev.




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