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TMR Plastics expands project portfolio for medical industry

TMR Plastics has been successfully developing a partnership with the Belgium-based company Bedal, which develops catheter stabilization devices that excel in performance, ease of use and patient comfort. So far, the TMR team has completed five projects for Bedal, which have included five different detail concepts for 30 international markets.


“While focusing on new challenges and opportunities, we partnered with Bedal in 2018, and expanded our range of products to include injection molding details for medical industry customers. In the past three years we have successfully completed five projects for our Belgian client. Each of them has been an interesting challenge for us and an opportunity to further develop our competences. Working for the medical sector is particularly demanding and required the company to be ISO13485 certified, which guarantees that the detail or device meets stringent quality standards”, comments Georgi Giochev, TMR Plastics.  


In the case of the partnership with Bedal, the TMR Plastics team was responsible for much of the production process – from prototyping, manufacturing in a controlled environment, to proper packaging and shipping for sterilization.


“We are particularly proud of our innovative system for fixing catheters, such as nephrostomy catheters. In this case, the production phase is complex and has multi-stages including, the proper gluing as well as the ultraviolet light welding of components. The production process had a two-component aspect with the over molding of one material over another. It took many meetings with suppliers, a lot of research and testing to find the optimal combination”, adds Klaudia Kawczyńska.


Meticulous quality control was also required during all five projects. The TMR team conducted regular tests on the manufactured components.


Bedal helps improve patient comfort


Bedal was founded on the personal experience of one of the founders who was diagnosed with cancer. During the treatment process, he encountered practical difficulties for patients who needed an intravenous catheter. It was because of this experience that the idea of improving the comfort of this group of patients was born. 

The company has developed a unique proprietary catheter stabilization technology that provides a very safe and broad application which is easy to use. The technology created by Bedal involves, among other things, the combining materials of different solidities and creating friction in the catheters through the use of an air bubble in the stabilization device.


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