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TMR Plastics grows and invests in new solutions

TMR Plastics, one of Poland’s fastest growing plastics injection moulding companies, is expanding its business and investing in the construction of new premises with a larger production hall. This will allow the company to increase the number of injection moulding machines from the current 20 to a planned 32, which will translate into increased production capacity. In addition, to further meet customer expectations, the company is working on new solutions.


Proximity, quality, and safety


TMR specialises in the entire process of producing high-precision injection moulded plastic parts – from concept through customisation to final delivery. Over the years, the company has delivered its products to the leading global international players from different sectors such as automotive, electric/electronic, lighting, telecommunications, white goods, and medical.


“Demand for high-quality plastic parts, which are manufactured in Europe, is constantly increasing. Customers are looking for suppliers that meet demanding European standards, are close to their markets, and are able to fulfil the order in a relatively short period of time. Resilient supply chains have been a priority for many of our customers over the past few months, some of whom were affected by the pandemic, when many shipments from China were delayed for weeks”, comments Monika Ciechońska, KAM, TMR Plastics.


To meet even the most demanding customer expectations, the company is constantly introducing new investments and process improvements. An example of this, is the recent investment by TMR Plastics, which decided to purchase a line for pouring PUR (polyurethane) gaskets for loudspeakers to complete a large project for a customer from the automotive industry. The company is also currently working on a new ultrasonic welding station for a high-volume project for one of its white goods customers. 


“The quality of the products offered in our industry must, of course, be confirmed by the relevant certificates, which are the basis for starting cooperation. TMR Plastics is EN ISO 13485:2016 certified, which is an absolute must-have for medical companies. Obtaining this certificate is not easy, but it does confirm that our parts meet stringent medical standards. In addition, we have ISO 9001:2015, and IATF 16949:2016 certificates. We are also planning to attain an environmental management system ISO 14001 certification in the upcoming future, as sustainability is one of our company’s strategic objectives”, comments Georgi Giochev, CEO, TMR Plastics. 


Custom solutions


TMR Plastics specialises in medium-sized parts, producing components from 0.2 g to 2 kg in weight from ABS, PA, PBT, PC, PC+ABS, PC+ASA, PE, PMMA, POM, PP, PPO+PS, SAN, and TPE. The dimensional tolerance the company is able to offer is up to 0.02 mm. The TMR Plastics team includes research and developments specialists, technical and business-logistics project leaders, as well as procurement and quality control departments. Quality control is particularly important in the process, as customers often have very specific requirements and check to see if TMR Plastics has all the necessary competences for the project. Before commencing any project, the company always proceeds to carry out feasibility and risk analyses, in to order respond to customer requirements and specifications.


“Our philosophy can be summed up in one word – comprehensiveness. The implementation of a particular process includes, among other things, clarifying customer needs, preparing technical feasibility, preparing an optimization and improvement study, thorough material selection, a moldflow analysis, preparing final product concept, selecting a project management method, as well as the implementing and controlling of production and assembly processes. Our solutions are always custom made, which is why we oversee every stage of the project. This approach has resulted in the realisation of many complex and sophisticated technical developments”, explains Dominik Grocki, R&D Manager, TMR Plastics. 


You can read more about the particular stages of the production process here:


The TMR Plastics team often advises clients on how to optimise a project, resulting in cost savings and shorter completion times. It all depends on whether the customer already has a finished design or requires a completely new mould to be created. For example, the production of a few gaskets is required. Instead of making them separately, we can opt for plastic overmoulding, thereby streamlining the whole process and optimising costs”, adds Klaudia Kawczyńska, Project Leader, TMR Plastics.


What’s more, injection moulding, and the assembly and surface treatment of parts are all carried out at one company. This is often a significant advantage for customers as it saves both time and money. In addition, the realization of all stages of the process in one company allows for more precise verification of the project in terms of its quality.


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