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TMR Plastics helps with social distancing

TMR Plastics has completed a project for RightCrowd, an international company specializing in technology solutions related to safe work environments. The TMR team was responsible for manufacturing the technical plastic parts for digital badges that monitor and help employees maintain social distance.


The project took about a year to complete. Within its scope, TMR Plastics was responsible for producing the plastics, which will be delivered to RightCrowd customers around the world.


“We are very happy with the project that was completed for RightCrowd. It’s another example of our team working with a well-known, international, and rapidly growing brand. Most importantly, however, it has resulted in a product that supports employers in creating a safe and comfortable work environment, which is especially important now as we face new waves of the coronavirus pandemic”, explains Klaudia Kawczyńska – Project Leader, TMR Plastics.


The RightCrowd digital ID badge allows employees to monitor in real time whether they are maintaining the proper social distance from co-workers and company visitors. When the wearable device detects that a person is too close to another, it turns on a yellow or red warning light. What’s more, thanks to its built-in Bluetooth sensor, the badge collects and gathers information about our interactions with other team members and guests. So in the event that any of these individuals test positive for SARS-Cov-2, RightCrowd quickly provides the necessary reports on potential exposure to COVID-19.


“With this device, companies can identify high-risk areas and hot spots in the workplace so that they can determine safe social distancing measures and respond to threats in real time”, summarizes Klaudia Kawczyńska.


RightCrowd devices’ privacy and distance settings can be configured to meet legal requirements and company policies while effectively managing operational risk.




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