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TMR Plastics introduces ultrasonic welding

TMR specializes in the entire process of manufacturing precision injection molded plastic parts – from concept through customization to final delivery. The company has been supplying its products to leading international players in various sectors such as the automotive, electrical/electronic, lighting, telecommunication, white goods, and medical industries for many years. However, in order to meet the growing expectations of its customers, TMR is constantly making new investments and improving processes. One example is the creation of an ultrasonic welding workstation.


The new position will enable a large-scale project that the TMR Plastics team is conducting for one of its white goods customers.


“With this energy-efficient method, in which high-frequency acoustic waves are used as an energy carrier, it is possible to combine different materials. The transducer is powered by a generator and has the task of changing electrical energy into mechanical energy. The mechanical energy from the transducer is then transferred to the booster, and further, on to the sonotrode. During the welding process, the sonotrode exerts pressure on the workpiece and vibrates it, culminating in the welding of the parts involved. The very high frequency vibrations generate heat and consequently weld the elements together. As a result, the process achieves high efficiency, is environmentally friendly, eliminates toxic glues as well as solvents and, thanks to the possibility of various settings of the welding parameters, achieves constant and repeatable results”, explains Duszan Rygielski, Lean Manager in TMR Plastics.


This method is used to join polymeric components and is particularly useful for joining sets of materials that differ in composition.


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