Choosing a supplier of plastic parts can be tricky

Georgi Giochev from TMR Plastics will explain how complex the process of producing plastic parts is and why a supplier should follow a 'look before you leap’ approach.


You operate in a highly competitive industry. Your company employs experts responsible for complex RND processes and quality control, who are involved in complex certification, which includes the medical field. However, to the layman, the very term „plastic component” suggests simplicity.


In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Making plastic detailing requires incredible precision. These are not trivial plastic items that are found in every household, but ones that are used in highly complex devices. Not every company is able to supply components of this type.  


But many businesses certainly have an appetite for a project in this area.


The question, however, is whether they have the know-how and capacity to do so. Another issue is the financial risk. It often happens that a company takes on a project and finds out at the beginning of the process that it is not up to the task. As a result, the final product may not meet the standards required by the market. In such a case, not only is the supplier subject to financial penalties, but it also exposes the client to serious losses.


What risks does a client face when choosing to work with such a supplier?


There can be a whole range of possible problems, such as the final product not maintaining the expected tolerance or the required surface tensions. In the process of manufacturing plastic parts, the supervision process itself is extremely important; if it is inefficient and ineffective, air bubbles may form in such a component. That’s why at TMR Plastics we strictly control every stage of the project, and constantly monitoring quality. Sometimes customers provide TMR Plastics with moulds that previous companies have not been able to produce. We get a lot of these 'transfers’ when the former supplier had a specific problem with production. Of course, if the mould is not optimally produced, TMR Plastics will modify it – from minor adjustments to major repairs.


So before any company considers going into production, they should check whether they can actually handle the project.


Exactly. It is always necessary to provide technical specifications before starting a project. This gives the TMR Plastics team confidence in their ability to lead the project.  


Unfortunately, there are companies on the market that do not advise their business partners comprehensively and do not look at the process holistically. As a result, the manufactured part may not be suitable for later use in the final project. 


At TMR Plastics, we take care of the customer comprehensively: we participate in the mould design phase, handle project management and logistics issues. It’s all about comfort and transparency, and with everything being coordinated in an open manner. 


Another issue is the aforementioned capacity.


Yes. When analysing an enquiry, limitations in starting cooperation can occur. Sometimes a company’s machinery is unable to deliver a project within a certain timeframe. TMR Plastics currently has 20 machines at its disposal, but to respond to increased demand and market needs, we have decided to move to the Bydgoszcz Industrial Park, which will allow us to increase our resources to 32 machines. However, we follow the principle of quality over quantity.


Therefore, we focus on deepening the knowledge of our team and carefully analysing the expectations of our clients. The teams that are involved in a project include the R&D department which ensures that the company is able to meet the customer’s requirements and creates processes, the quality control department, which verifies the quality of the processes, and the production department, which is responsible for the completion of the project to completion. The fact that our business is growing all the time is the best illustration of this approach paying off.


TMR Plastics is one of Poland’s fastest growing plastics injection moulding companies. The company specialises in the entire process of producing high-precision injection moulded plastic parts – from concept through customisation to final delivery. Over the years, the company has delivered its products to leading global international players from different sectors such as automotive, electric/electronic, lighting, telecommunications, white goods, and medical.


To learn more about TMR Plastics offer, please visit: https://www.tmr.pl/en/why-tmr/