New TMR factory already operating

TMR Plastics, one of the fastest growing Polish plastic injection molding companies, has completed the construction of its new premises, including a larger production hall of 2000 sqm. Located in Bydgoszcz Industrial and Technological Park, the company’s factory will support TMR’s ambitious plans and translate into a doubling of its turnover in the next two years. 


In total, TMR’s Bydgoszcz headquarters comprises 3,500 sqm, with warehouse and modern, comfortable office space accounting for 1,000 sqm and 500 sqm, respectively.


” Because of TMR’s expansion plans and growing team, the company with these new premises, has now doubled the area for its operations. Last year, we had already started the process of expanding our portfolio to include projects dedicated to the medical industry, which required the obtaining of a special certificate which proved that we had the necessary resources and conditions to produce parts for this extremely demanding sector. We hope that the result of all our activities will lead to a doubling of TMR’s turnover by 2023”, comments Georgi Giochev, CEO, TMR Plastics.


The new TMR factory will be equipped with additional injection molding machines to meet growing customer needs. Altogether there will be three new machines with a clamping force of 200, 450 and 500 tons. Their delivery and installation is planned in the next few weeks.


New means greener


As Georgi Giochev explains, one of the main goals when designing TMR’s headquarters, was to use energy-efficient solutions that would have a positive impact on the environment, while also optimizing costs.


”Minimizing our carbon footprint should be one of the strategic objectives of any modern business. That’s why we decided to use technologies that enable, among other things, heat recovery from injection molding machines, which in winter reduces energy use by 50%. And thanks to a modern heat pump and cooling system, its costs in summer are cut by half”, says Georgi Giochev.


In addition, the highest quality thermal insulation system was utilized in the construction of the entire project, with LED lighting being used throughout the building. The company is also planning measures to educate the team about caring for the environment which will, for example, encourage carpooling by reimbursing car owners who participate in the scheme.




About TMR


TMR specializes in the full process of producing high-precision injection molded plastic parts – from concept through customization to final delivery. Over the years, the company has delivered its products to the largest global international players from different sectors such as automotive, electric/electronic, lighting, telecommunications, white goods, and medical.


More information can be found here: https://www.tmr.pl/